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Creating relationships through GROWTH

What is growth marketing, to us...

A Full Funnel approach

We can totally behave like a traditional marketing agency, where you tell us what you need, and we execute, but we won't. We are a full funnel thinkers of strategists, and we will impose our opinions.

Bottom line goals alignment

What is that? Well, we can focus on delivering results from a top of the funnel perspective, or we align the bottom line goal, whether it is brand equity, financial goals, business growth goals, and we reverse engineer it to build a the foundations of the strategy.

We are experiment and data driven

Out first line of business is data, if there is any to work with, and our final line of business is data. We build hypothesis, and we experiment, and validate the result with the data found to drive the next steps of strategy and execution.

What is growth marketing?

What we play with...

Data Analysis

draw actionable insights from data, and combine those insights into cohesive growth strategies and think critically about data, use it for strategic decision-making, and clearly communicate the findings across an organization.

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Quantitative modeling

We will look at historical numbers, like organic traffic volume over time, paid traffic, referral sources, K-factor coefficient analysis, audience segmentation, and build a model that forecasts future growth.

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Customer segmentation

help your business optimize the user experience throughout your funnel, with automations based on behavior and psychographic data points.

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Cross-channel Strategy

including organic and paid social, PPC advertising, email marketing and more — to drive quality traffic to landing pages, case studies and other key pieces of content. The goal here is typically to drive more traffic into the top of the funnel, convert visitors into subscribers, move them down a marketing funnel, and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

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Funnels & Channel testing

treating marketing like science, that means using the scientific method. Coming up with a hypothesis, test it, review their results and determine next steps. This is A/B testing, taken to the expert level.

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Channel & Website CRO

As experts in customer journey, we can identify specific bottlenecks within the various channels that cause customers to lose interest. With this knowledge, we test different tactics, sometimes called “growth hacks,” or run specific marketing campaigns to lift conversion rates throughout your funnel, until it runs smoothly and autonomously

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We do marketing across

The pirate funnel view



How many of your audiences do you reach across all your present channels?


How many of the "Awareness" audiences land in your website or intended landing page?


How many of the previous two, take the first important step? Signup, Download an e-book, subscribe to a newsletter, or whatever is may be that get closer to the bottom line?


How many customer do you keep? Return? Buy again?
Retention is an important element of growth.


How many people start paying? Is your pricing strategy right? what is the blocker of most people who abandon?


Did you deliver the value to your customers, and is it obvious? it's best to start exploring referrals as a channel of growth if your product has achieved its value.

Check out the UAT testing article at DesignRush

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A successful marketing project relies heavily on the unity of a strong team. We at Brandzen aim to create that team, but completely borderless.
As we are, we're still piloting this program, to build the most ambitious growth marketing teams and communities.

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