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Brandzen's Managed services

At Brandzen, we do things a little differently.
We start off by having our partners and clients with the essentials dashboard and the necessary tools to get started.
‍There, you'll gain visibility on your digital performance, and know exactly where you need improve.

Do it yourself, if you don't need our help. Explore all the tools and srvices available in your store. Purchase our partner solutions provided at an offer, and some are under discounts.

If you DON'T want to do it yourself, we can help.

Below are the majority of our work and services

Growth Marketing

With data-driven approach to marketing, we help businesses hone in on the specific tactics that will grow revenue in their niche — rather than repeating overly general (and often dated) marketing platitudes.
It relies heavily on rapid experimentation through cross-channel strategies to better address traffic segmentation and growth opportunities.

Branding & Identity

Starting with Strategy, Competitor's research, Market landscape, Logo design, Proposition definition, Mission and Vision, Brand Voice, Distribution and promotion channels. We don't leave a stone unturned when it comes to setting the essential cores of your business growth.

SEO & Social media

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of your customers. Building a brand and a business without the proper marketing implementation, is like building a business without telling anyone.
Brandzen got you covered when it comes to SEO, SEM, Social media marketing (SMM), Lead generation, and Marketing Automation.
Every business is different is some way, so we don't shy away from proposing extremely bespoke solutions to your unique challenges.
That's why we implement marketing with Growth Hacking principals.

Web & App development

Wether it's completely new business, or degitizing your business, or revamoing your website or app.
At Brandzen we take bold projects for ambitious brands.
Wether it is a wordpress project, or a completely custome coded site or web-app.
Along the way, we advise with our expertise on Information architecture, sophisticated analytics solutions, and full stack integrations and automations to fully build an impecable product that works for your buisness.
A website isn't just for show. It has to work to make your life easier.
A Word from the founder

We have a passion for understanding, and a healthy disrespect for the status quo, to solve the challenges your brand faces and finding unique solutions to help you grow.
The same goes for trends, you're just riding a wave that might just put you back where you started."

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our Approach with managed services

Work Process


Exploring the Problem

A successful marketing project relies heavily on the research. Without it, it's a blind shot. You may make it, but we don't like chances to contribute our progress.

Finding the Solution

Once we have done a research we're confident of, we'll present all possible solutions and channels of development, to have your business growth better. We don't paint all our work with one brush.

Presenting the Big Plan

Once we have settle of the final idea, we will map out both expectation, goals, and roadmap to make sure don't deviate away from the signed off plan.

Building the Solution

That's where our magic happens. That doesn't mean we will disappear. We will keep an open channel for inclusion, to contribute with feedback. But you have to trust the process at this point.

Launch and support

We deliver it all. What happens next? Well it's up to you. If you'd like us to keep managing and supporting your newly found product, we would be happy to help, otherwise you can take a complete control of the final output.
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