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Along the way,

they wanted to implement high efficiency lead generation platform to boost sales. 

Brandzen (previously named Hash Marketing at the time) spear headed the implementation of Data mining engine, that sifts through the existing public data, and cross verify them on social, then identify decision makers. 

Once the data base is established, an established cycle of Social advertising and, Automated email marketing, to enrich and entertain prospects for future conversion potential. The outputLead the strategy design and implementation of lead generation engines across the group's range of products by building an automated data processing and mining engine, websites and landing pages development, content, for each product in its respect funnel stage. 

Achieved results:
  • Raised performance from manual Avg. 500 leads/month to a consistent 2700 leads/Month on social and direct landing page channels, resulting in an increase of 34% in sales revenue. 

  • Improved conversion rates of leads from 2% before strategy, to 10% after implementation of content and conversion tactics. 

  • Recorded a 20% increase in engagement and conversion after content strategy implementation.Website and landing pages development on WordPress.


Devere-Group, launched multiple Fin-tech apps, and was looking for a strategic way to develop awareness and acquisition for their respective platforms. The project proposed to create multiple landing pages, for each specific product line-up

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