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Entry to Market

Drivegum, originally an Italian company was expanding it's market segments to the UAE and the region. Brandzen partnered with drivegum UAE, to help achieve a successful brand development and awareness campaign on social media, and other organic channels.

Brandzen design samples 1 for Drivegum

The challenge was to present a digestible Brand identity and voice to suite the local market Drivegum was expanding on. We developed A brand personality that's consistent with in Both Arabic and English, sets a tone for a casual and modern design personality.

Brandzen design samples 2 for Drivegum

English Ad copy on IG

Arabic Ad copy on IG

Engagement summary

Brandzen helped Drivegum achieve a huge market awareness reach within the UAE market for fraction of the cost for traditional awareness campaigns for other businesses, by using unique approaches to campaign budget management and copy testing structures neumerous copy experimentations that were don't on the Ad set level.

The project output

Drivegum perceived an exponential growth on social channels on Facebook and Instagram ads, and an indirect PR luck that resulted in a huge name recognition of Drivegum product that contributed to the visibility and engagement of the brand.

  1. Over 500% increase in social following on both Facebook and Instagam

  2. Over 400k engagement points on both social platforms within a budget range that didn't exceed $600, purely on advanced optimization tactics

  3. over 200% increased sales. (THEY WERE RUNNING OUT OF STOCK)

  4. And, We both are in touch like friends now!

DriveGum UAE

Brand development and awareness campaigns on social media, and affiliate channels

DriveGum UAE
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