Growth Marketing Strategy

We've helped Loxone Inc. research and consolidate their TAM (total addressable market) in the US and implement growth hacking tactics to collect and engage their TSM (total serviceable market) through sequenced and automated lead generation stacks of both paid and organic channels.

Results achieved:

  • 400% growth in total organic inbound and outbound leads in the US, Austria, Germany, and Sweden.

  • Full funnel User journey analysis and optimization followed with CRO implementations across relevant channels

  • Research in acquisition bottlenecks and optimizing pricing strategy for easier activation tracks of customers

  • Product positioning optimization strategies for both local and regional markets

  • Website information architecture redesign based on research and users funnels across journeys

  • full website facelift and UI design.

  • Implemented automation triggers to maximize efficiency gains across all marketing channels

  • Content development and delivery through the introduction of Loxone Academy as a channel of acquisition.

  • Broke all time records of every relevant performance metrics in both business and marketing.

Traffic segmentation and attribution for Loxone's audiences both end consumers and professional partnership channels. Aka. Loxone for Pros & Loxone Academy

Advertising creatives

Loxone Inc. & Loxone GmbH

Brandzen Aka. Hachimi Yallaoui partnered to implement a growth marketing frameworks based on data driven and account based marketing tactics.

Loxone Inc. & Loxone GmbH


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