Account Based Marketing - ABM

In alignment with the core team, we helped in spearheading the ABM initiatives of MarketerHire, by proposing the initial phased of ABM, and layering a number of experiments to identify the ideal user journey funnels, ICPs, and distribution channels.

Along wit the CRO project to help optimize the user journey, and better understand the audiences and their pointpoint conversion catalyst.

The image anove shows the conversion lift patterns durring weekdays starting from the 20th Aug with the project launch

Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO

We provided a support layer to MarketerHire by impleneting a stack of rapid experimentation on site conversion through AB testing tools and plugins, targeting accounts and visitors based on their fundamental interests and business pain points, and deliver the necessary copy, messaging and creative on site to optmizae traffic conversions.

Recording and ongoing over 20%+ improvements in conversion rate, and total lead growth.


Brandzen partnered with MaakterHire to assit the core team with an ongoing project, addiing value in the directions of ABM (account based marketing) Strategy implementation, infrastrucutre development, CRO experiments, and more



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