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We Do Growth Marketing to help scale ambitious brands

Helping startups and SMEs by providing an Interim or permanent Future-proof growth marketing teams.

We build businesses and entire systems. Marketing is a starting point, not the all of our impact.

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We integrate with you team, w're not just a vendor

Data analysis

We help draw actionable insights from data, combine those insights into cohesive growth strategies and think critically about data, use it for strategic decision-making, and clearly communicate the findings across an organization. Quantitative modeling: We will look at

historical numbers, like organic traffic volume over time, and build a model that forecasts future growth.

Cross-channel strategy

including organic and paid social, PPC advertising, email marketing, and more — to drive quality traffic to landing pages, case studies, and other key pieces of content. The goal here is typically to drive more traffic into the top of the funnel, convert visitors into subscribers, move them down a marketing funnel, and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

As experts in the entire customer journey, we can identify specific hurdles within it that cause customers to lose interest. With this knowledge, we test different tactics, sometimes called “growth hacks,” or run specific marketing campaigns to lift conversion rates throughout your funnel, until it runs like a well-oiled machine.

Customer segmentation

We help your Business optimize the user experience

throughout your funnel, with automation based on behavior and psychographic data points.

Testing & Growth Hacking

We treat marketing like science, which means using scientific methods. Come up with a hypothesis, test it, review the results, and determine the next steps. This is A/B testing, taken to the expert level.

Martech Selection

We are always curious, engaged, and always testing & looking for new tools that could level up our data analytics and testing functionality. We will have opinions and advice on your CRM, ESP, CDP, e-commerce platform, and more.

Recent Work

Some of the companies we worked with across industries...

MarketerHire - USA


DriveGum - UAE

Careem by Uber - UAE

Devere Group - UK / UAE

Proud Partners of...


Our Growth Marketing Outlook

We join in an integrated partnership with our clients to not just help with marketing, rather we focus on the bottom line growth. A Full view of the Pirate Funnel (AAARRR), and work to achieve goals through every layer.

Full cycle involvement

Cycles of growth demand flexibility and agility, and that's why we leave no stone unturned by looking into the full picture of Product, Market, Channel, and Model Fit.

  • Data Strategy

  • Segmentation & Targeting

  • Attribution Modeling

  • Testing & Optimization

  • Measurement Planning & Implementation

We work with

Inbound Marketing
Growth Marketing
Growth & Product
Growth Marketing
Growth Marketing

Our latest projects

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Brandzen partnered with MaakterHire to assist the core team with an ongoing project, adding value in the directions of ABM (account-based marketing) Strategy execution, infrastructure development, CRO experiments, and more


  • Strategy and implementation of ABM programs with Hubspot and all integrated data intelligence and segmentation

  • CRO strategy classifying segments in alignment with the ABM strategy.    

408% uplift in conversion

3x Target account

ROI x4 investment costs

Lead-Gen growth

We Partnered with SchoolApply, (currently acquired by INTO UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS LTD), to assist in the process and workflow of accounts lead-gen growth to build partnership networks with universities.


  • Tech and CRM implementation strategy in alignment with their accounts integrated with alternative lead generation channels through directories, web, and social platforms.

200% increase inbound-leads

12% partner growth MoM

Growth Marketing

Working directly with Shark tank founder [Alexander Torrenegra] to propel Torre's talent platform talent and hiring teams, purely through organic channels of acquisition, UX optimization, and NFX Virality coefficiency studies. 


  • Talent solution profile growth, segmentation, awareness strategies, and network effects for companies

  • Cross-Chennel development, in alignment with SEO, organic campaigns, landing pages, and paid channels

10% MoM talent solution growth

30k talent individual MoM

Growth + Product

Partnering with the largest independent financial instute globally to build their brand awareness, inboud marketing programs to attract the primary ICPs along with 2 new product launches from the ground (Vault and Crypto)


  • built a full-funnel inbound marketing infrastructure and programs from tech stack, campaign planning, channel development and sales alignment

  • Build multi-channel growth campaigns including: SEO, Content, Organic Social, SMM, and PPC 

500% increase in inbound lead traffic

88% CPA reduction 

20% increase in brand equity and organic engagement

ABM & Inbound

We partnered with Nasdaq Dubai to help identify their ICPs of companies to list on the exchange, and growing the full marketing infrastructure and sales ops towards partnership development.


  • Efforts and programs - Classified

74% increase in SEO traffic, and Social platforms

2.1x ROI

40% marketing cost saving.