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Abstract Planet

Full picture Strategies,

And deep channel-specific expertise.

We develop holistic growth infrastructures, full-funnel strategies, and execution frameworks.

Strategy, Data, Rapid Experimentation, and Agility is our main driver at Bandzen.

We treat Growth as science, we keep experimenting and building the blocks to uncover the true catalysts of growth for each and every business. And our goal isn't top-line growth only, but your bottom-line growth as well.

Services We Provide

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are becoming smarter by the day, and we know how to build content that ranks, resulting in low-cost organic development.

Paid Social

​Engage users with hyper-targeted audience segmentation and accelerated ad testing on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok to push long-term ROI through the funnel.

PPC and Search

​We craft strategies that not only enhance top-of-the-funnel leads flow but also that convert by setting hyper-targeted and personalized Ads and media that speak to them and want them to convert.

Multichannel Marketing

Fuel your growth with Omni-channel communication, whether it is, SMS, Email, Mobile Push, Web Push, Direct main, and Social DMs to make sure you don't leave a single stone unturned.

Data and Process Optimization

We don't just do marketing, we do growth. We help setting up the infrastructure to be as efficient as possible, through finding automation opportunities and cycles optimization

Data Intelligence and Analytics

We help implement analytic stacks beyond the standard analytics that show no qualitative data. We apply sophesticated analytics that show individual journeys and behavioral attributes. It's almost unfair to your competition.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The second lever of marketing. We turn your website into your #1 engine for growth and all your relevant marketing channels. It's a full-funnel CRO strategy. We call it (CRO on Steroids)

Content Marketing

Our core belief as a catalyst of growth is Brand Intimacy, we build compelling content that builds your distinct identity, your differentiation, and build loyalty of audiences to convert later into customers.

Account Based Marketing

The livelihood of a B2B company's growth is a solid ABM foundation and strategy. We help our partners to strategize, build, and deploy cutting edge ABM, fully segmented, and optmized to deliver personalization at scale for maximized conversions.

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